Who I am

My name is Isabel and I am a portuguese hybrid designer.
First: because I'm addicted to do and learn, a lot of different things; Second: because I love the word.

Born In Lisbon, lived in Braga, studied in Viana do Castelo, worked in Ponte de Lima and O'Porto and now I'm back to Lisbon.
When I was a child I used to love mathematics and arts;
in highschool, I've discovered languages and psichology;
later I've graduated in Product Design
(going on Erasmus for 6 months in Germany).

Nowadays, I work mostly with corporate communications, freelance graphic and web design, exploring analytics and socials, and trying to find out more about UX.
I guess that's me!
& my music.


Stuff I do

At Behance you can find some of my selected works.

  • Print/Digital Design

    All day, everyday
  • Html & CSS & JS

    Love a good challenge
  • Photography

    On my happiest moments
  • EXTRA times

    Yoga, Books, Travelling...

Other Stuff

This is a Work In Progress for a special client, that I'm developing at the moment.
And this is my grandparents house, a Charm Hotel
that I'm working on a new website.
Stay tuned.